Everyone Needs Caffeine

Of course – black coffee is my drink of choice in the caffeine context but on this occasion I am actually referring to an alternative social broadcasting platform you can investigate as opposed to Twitch to Mixer

Caffeine TV ( https://www.caffeine.tv/ ) is a very straightforward hit the ground running immediately broadcasting platform. You don’t even need to install / configure anything – your browser can handle an immediate broadcast once you sign up!

However, what if (like myself) you have spent time to configure OBS with your streaming identity – have your stream deck set up for different screen fades etc.  Well, it you can still use following this very simple process:

  • Start by downloading the Caffeine.tv desktop application ( https://www.caffeine.tv/start-broadcasting ).
    (I am also assuming you have signed up and created your caffeine account!)
  • Once installed spin up your copy of OBS with it’s multiple scenes of delight and then make sure the caffeine app is running – you will then see something like this:
  • Broadcasting on Caffeine is then a case of hitting CTRL-AL-L in the OBS viewport and you are live! (Oh, don;t forget to set the ‘Broadcast Name‘You can then continue to use all of your standard functionality of OBS – switch scenes, activate events etc.