Streaming OBS with NDI

Network linked PC streaming through NDI
(Note – both PC’s should be on Ethernet – do not use Wifi for NDI)

  • First of all you will need to download and install the NDI Runtime (and install this on both PC’s)
    Windows –   (you will need to reboot both PC’s once installed)
    MacOS –
  • Next download and install latest OBS (if you haven’t already) and then download the OBS NDI-plugin
    Windows –
    MacOS –
  • Once NDI runtime and plugin is installed (and PC rebooted) you can now activate NDI Ouput:From the gaming PC in OBS you will need to activate NDI Output in the following location(You can name the output name to whatever you want)
    Once enabled (you clicked OK) then go to your secondary streaming PC and load up OBS
    As you will see – no scenes other than a single source will be added on the streaming PC – this is because you can still control your scenes from the gaming PC, it just won’t be live streaming from there!So – in Source add > NDI SourceThis will bring up a dialog and should detect the gaming PC on the network – click OK once found

    Once you click OK the viewport should then display the feed from your gaming PC
    Note: You will need to resize the screen into the viewport the first time and will also see an NDI Source in the Mixer channelThis source will feed all desktop, mic and game audio from your gaming PC into the streaming PCI now suggest you deactivate the mic + desktop audio on the streaming PC in the OBS settings so as not to confuse the output stream audio

    Once disabled you should only see the one NDI Source in the Mixer panel

  • You can now set up the streaming functionality on the streaming PC to which ever live platform you wish to use (i.e. Twitch, Mixer etc.)Whenever you wish to stream just set the streaming PC to ‘Start Streaming’ and it will push all content from the gaming PC externallyFinal Note: Run through some recording tests first to check audio levels from your gaming PC – you may need to tweak the desktop / mic Mixer levels etc.